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My first intention with Langams was to create a local but happy little coffee shop, bringing some of the feel of the French Languedoc region and french style cafes to Stowmarket. With the support from Paddy and Scott's Coffee that slowly turned into more than just coffee. We have a small and very special menu consisting of french style patisserie cakes and small lunches if you fancy more than a cake. There is a fantastic courtyard garden, perfect for the summer days and now we have a licence, what a better way to enjoy your lunch with a glass of wine from our small select wine menu. What started as just coffee with a small menu then turned into a fantastic place for local artists to show case and sell their artwork. With the second floor of the shop being available for these local businesses to sell furniture and paintings. It was just another fantastic way to give Langams a true local feel to it as well as supporting local artists. Seating area has been added to Langams upstairs during COVID-19 with social distancing guidelines being followed. We look forward to seeing you.

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